Medium Crackle Wrap - Midnight Blue - 48 x 48cm

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Just like wrapping paper, this flat fabric Crackle wrap folds neatly around box shaped gifts, but without the need for scissors or tape. Using its ingenious integrated wrapping cord and button, you can create a fabulous looking gift in seconds. The Crackle wrap is made from a double-layered fabric with a crinkly inner leaf that gives a delightful "crackle" sound as the gift is unwrapped. And of course, since it's made from fabric, you can avoid the bin bags full of waste paper.

This is the medium size and will wrap items such as:-

- Clothing

- Kindle or e-book

- Tablet PC

- Large hardback

- Large box of chocolates

- Paperback novels (up to 4 or 5)

Align the gift diagonally to the edges of the wrap if you need to make the fabric go further.

Wrag Wraps are all about your experience. They have been designed to encompass the different approaches to wrapping gifts. Whether you want an easy and fast solution, or perhaps a chance to show off creatively – there’s a wrap for all wrappers, and all occasions.

Lastly, remember that Wrag Wraps are not disposable. They have a lifetime of use in them and they will grow in value over time (that is, if value could be measured in emotional units!!)


  • Wrag Wraps are made of fabric that incorporates fully traceable certified recycled plastic, helping make use of what is becoming an abundant waste material
  • The majority of people love to wrap their gifts and don't want to see an end to this tradition. Many of these people have been searching for a viable alternative to paper. This led us to design the Crackle Wrap.
  • When asked, the sound of paper rustling and ripping evoked an emotional response; one of excitement and anticipation
  • Wrag Wraps are washable and each product has a care label showing you how to keep your Wraps looking beautiful
  • All our products are Patent Pending and the prints have Registered Design Rights
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