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As our children were growing up we tried to do things that would help to reduce our impact on the environment. I’ll be honest, we didn’t do it all the time but when it was easy and it fitted in to our lifestyle we used washable nappies, grew some vegetables, cooked all our meals from scratch and planted trees and vegetation in our garden. My husband dedicated over a decade of his working career to sustainable property development and we have been able to adapt some of the principles he applied at home and will continue to increase our efforts to do more of this in the future. Over time, as work pressures dominated, we were busy taking the children to various activites and events and our own time seemed limited we fell into the trap of using products that were easier and quicker to use.

As a self confessed serial entrepreneur and work-a-holic, I have run my own businesses since 2002. In 2006 I dreamt of setting up a business that would help people find sustainable solutions to their everyday issues. On New Year’s Day 2007 a wonderful friend bought me ‘The Rough Guide to Ethical Living’ and the O So Eco journey began! I worked on a product range and paid a local designer to come up with a logo but I lacked the funds, time and motivation to turn the dream into a reality. But the dream never went away, it has always been there in the back of my mind.

In retrospect, we had become lazy, we were using harsh chemicals and single use plastic without even thinking but as we began to see the impact of our actions on the world we realised that we had to change. We did a ‘plastic audit’ of our home and were shocked at how many single use plastic items we had that we could make small changes to stop using in the future. We are far from perfect and we still use plastic on some occaisions but where we can make a change we are doing so. We have also gone back to many of the ‘old’ ways of cleaning, using more natural products and essential oils and have defintely banned all wipes from entering our home!

Even in these times when people are becoming more aware of the climate emergency, David Attenborough has become a national hero and Greta Thurnberg has made us all sit up and listen, we have found it hard to come across a single source of information and the sort of good, environmentally friendly and sustainable products that we were after. So, as a family we have worked together to find ways to make a difference and is our way of sharing with you some solutions that we have found.

For now, we all work or study full time as well as running O So Eco but our ambition is to build a business that really helps you online and then to begin opening ‘naked product’ shops around the UK. We will be using some of our profits to help the causes we care about – to plant trees and off set carbon emmissions, develop menstrual products that will allow us to donate products to help those stuck in period poverty and so many more ideas that we’ll share with you as we develop them and hopefully turn them into a reality.

Today though, we’d like to focus on getting to know you, our customers and friends even better and find out more about the things that challenge you and hear about any ideas that you have that others might benefit from. Thank you to those of you that have already asked us for new products or given us ideas about things we can share, we’d love to develop our range around the things you are asking for so keep those ideas coming!

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