Find your inner Chandler!

We love burning scented candles, they really help to relax us and add such a gentle light to any room. Once we’ve finished with a candle we tend to clean out the container and either make more candles or repurpose the holder. We thought we’d share our hints and tips with you in the hope that you’ll enjoy doing the same.

To clean out the left over wax from a jar or tin you can either boil a kettle and pour boiling water into the container and let the wax soften. Once the wax is soft, remove the water and gently move the edges to loosen the wax and tip it out. The other way to remove wax is to put the container in the freezer overnight. In the morning the wax should have contracted enough that it will just tip out of the container. Clean out the container in warm water and you’re ready to re-use it.

We were asked if you can use the wax again to make more candles and, having scoured the internet, it looks like you can. You need to melt the wax back down and remove any impurities like the wick and metal base plates but you can re-use the old wax. Watch out for strong colours or existing scents as they will affect any new candles that you make using the old wax.

We’ve used old candle containers as pen holders, to hold paint and make up brushes, as a container for reusable make up wipes and lots more beside. Some of the jars that we’ve had have had gorgeous designs and vibrant colours and it’s been great to keep them in the home.

There are various courses that you can take if you want to really explore your ‘inner chandler (candle maker)’ but we’ve attached the instructions that we use at workshops if you want to give it a go. Make sure you use good quality ingredients and let us know how you get on.

Have fun experimenting with scents, we’ve mentioned two of our favourites in the instructions, Lavender is relaxing and soothing and Rosemary helps energy levels and memory but there are plenty more that you could try.

Take care when making your own candles, hot wax can easily cause damage to worksurfaces and to you! Make sure that you protect yourself and only use containers that are designed to withstand heat or they could shatter when your candle is burning.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions but most of all – enjoy!

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